Kevin Bernstein


Bushwick, Brooklyn. Photo by Erik Bernstein

    Kevin Bernstein is a Queens based keyboardist who is garnering attention for his soulful harmonies and commanding technique. He’s a keyboardist devoted to becoming a music legend. Kevin has recorded albums, performed and written music in all kinds of groups, and toured the US. He currently plays in the Alison Shearer Band and Slow Riches, as well as his own solo project. Kevin has performed at venues in NY such as Irving Plaza, SOB's, the Bell House, and many more.

    Hailing from Ventura, California, Kevin began taking piano lessons at 8 years old and within a few years, got inspired to write music and learn about other styles. Fast Forward to 2010, He moved to NYC to study Jazz at the Manhattan School of Music. Since graduating, Kevin has performed with many artists including: Zusha, Alice Tan Ridley, Jamie Kilstein, John Hodgeman, Jean Grae, Joe Benjamin, Emily Braden, Isaac Sinclair, Natalie Cressman, Jason Ewald, Gil Harwin, among others.

    Kevin also teaches private lessons and classes. He has taught several students in all age groups, in styles ranging from jazz to classical to pop. He currently teaches kids at the Church Street School of Music in Tribeca. Kevin has a patient and individual approach to teaching and tries to make students laugh and enjoy lessons.

Kevin plays shows and records music with his own band as well, and his debut EP will be out June 2019!